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Back-end Development

Web-applications built from scratch that take care of whatever need your company might need.

Front-end Development

You're just looking for a simple presence on the web, and need someone to help you out? I'm your guy!

Web Design

Need someone to design your website? I can do that and much more! I can design it and build it.


You’re not happy with your presence on the web? You need a bigger footprint? I can help you out!

Long term support

You already have a website built but you need new features every now and again? I would be happy to help.


Have a motorcycle or mountainbike and no friends to ride with? Let’s do it! ;)


  • 2015-Present

    Grupo CH

    Lead developer

    I now lead a team of 5, my main job is related to productivity, project management and quality control.

  • 2013-2015

    Grupo CH

    Front-End / Back-end developer

    Most of my work now is related to back-end development, building rich web applications for the company. Every now and again I also work for external clients. Here normally my work goes from back to front-end development.

  • 2010-2013


    Front-end / Back-end developer

    Started there as a full front-end developer and I began to take interest in back-end development. Learned proper MVC concepts and started working with some PHP frameworks like Codeigniter or Fuel PHP.

  • 2009-2010


    Front-end Developer

    Started as an intern and after six months I was working as a junior front-end developer. My work was mainly related to CSS, some Javascript and loads of HTML.

I also work as a freelancer!
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  • 2008-2009

    Bachelor Degree

    ESEC - Multimedia design

    The first half of my Multimedia degree was mainly spent doing an internship for a company in Coimbra called WTA. The other half was spent doing my thesis on project managment in a web-design shop.

  • 2005-2008


    ESEC - Multimedia design

    The Multimedia Design degree was probably the most versatile place I could’ve studied. First year was mainly around multimédia basics. After that we went through the following subjects: programming, photography, video production, design and web-design.





UI / UX Design

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I'm a female anatomy junkie, Y2k survival, wanna be ninja,
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